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Our services cover most aspects of in vivo research as well as those functions needed to develop, support and maintain an effective care and use program.


We work with our clients in many different ways to achieve their goals on either a time-limited or a longer-term contract basis. Time-limited services include consulting sessions, expert opinion, project support and project management, whereas longer-term contracts typically covers continuous management of portions of a care and use program.


Regardless of how the client would like to engage us, we work according to our documented workflow to ensure that scope, process and end product meet our client’s expectations. In the process section you can get an overview of our workflow and read more about engaging the right expert for your project.


In order to present the breadth of expertise of adlast, we hope that you will take a couple of minutes to look at some example topics within each of the categories below. It is by no means a complete list but merely examples of tasks that we from experience know that many SME’s in life sciences may find challenging solving in-house without the support of one or more external experts. Each example is given with a list of key elements, which can be combined in multiple ways to meet your specific project or task.


We also encourage you to visit our resource section with excerpts from actual projects, which hopefully can provide you with some input and additional aspects for similar projects of your own.

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