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The approach to successful solution development often predicts the value and quality of of the developed solution. At adlast we follow a documented process defining our work-flow designed to ensure that the scope of a project never looses focus but equally important: it guarantees that innovative and progressive solutions are always considered and evaluated - after all, the biggest successes were not based on doing "it" like everybody else.


Furthermore, our process is designed to enable us to work as a synergistic component of our clients' existing in-house organization appreciating and applying their internal capacities but never forgetting that we, as consultants, bear the sole responsibility for the value of the final solution and the satisfaction of our clients.


While the tasks might differ from one project to another, the objective remains the same: on time - on budget. At adlast we apply milestoning aggressively to help our clients confidently meet their internal deadlines and budgets - you will know what to expect and when to expect it.


Finally, quality assurance is an integral part of what adlast does and therefore it is also integrated into our work-flow. Parameters covering technical and scientific merit of developed solutions as well as honouring agreed milestones and meeting client expectations are core components and help us to continuously improve our process and services to the scientific community.


The following provides a stepwise overview of our process from inception to the post-completion assessment. We apply the same process to all assignments adjusting the extent of the individual phases according to the type of assignment.


p1-8 indicates the project phases, m1-3 the milestones and q1-4 the incorporated quality control steps.

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