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When an organization decides to engage external resources to enhance its internal quantitative and/or qualitative capabilities on a consultancy basis, certain challenges inevitably emerge in the process:


  • What is needed?
  • Who can do it?
  • How is it managed?


These questions should be addressed to gain the benefit from the engagement of consultants without tying up valuable internal resources.


At adlast we have developed a specialized service based on the concept that access to qualified resources within the field of in vivo research should be easy, effective and adding value - to the benefit of our clients, the quality of research and the welfare of the animal resource.


By letting us take care of the external component of your project, you are not only improving the developed solution, you are also freeing up your internal resources so you never lose focus of your primary objective: your business.


In the service section you can read more about how we help our clients achieve their goals and feel free to contact us for an informal discussion about how we can be an asset in your project.

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