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Advisors in laboratory animal science and technology – or just adlast – is a small, newly started company focusing only on providing our clients with easy access to highly qualified and independent specialists for consultancy assignments within the in vivo research space.


Internally, we have wide-ranging specialist knowledge about laboratory rodents, gnotobiology and translational microbiome research, and through our extensive network we can provide expert advice in almost any laboratory species and area of expertise.


The company was founded by Dr. Martin Fitzner Toft, DVM, in response to an identified need for specialist knowledge in especially small and medium sized biotech companies, which cannot necessarily afford to permanently employ the plethora of specialists required to properly address the multifaceted discipline of running a state-of-the-art in vivo facility, without removing valuable resources from their primary business objective.


We also work for larger biotech and pharmaceutical companies on specific projects that require additional resources or specialist knowledge in a particular area of laboratory animal science and technology.


At the core of our business concept is a wish to continuously improve animal welfare and the quality of in vivo research through application of science, technology and best practices – to the benefit of the animal resource, our clients, and the scientific community in general.


The satisfaction of our clients is our future, and we believe in earning this through:

  • always meeting expectations
  • always providing the right specialist for the job
  • always delivering superior and value-adding solutions
  • always working cooperatively and openly
  • always assuring the quality of our services
  • always honoring confidentiality
  • always being easy to work with


Please feel free to contact us for an informal discussion about potential projects and other assignments you are currently considering and please also spend a moment reviewing our service and resource sections for examples of our broad experience in laboratory animal science and technology.

Dr. Martin Fitzner Toft, DVM, holds a veterinary degree from The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen, Denmark (now University of Copenhagen) with a specialty in telemetric monitoring of laboratory rodents.

For more than a decade he has worked with almost every aspect of laboratory rodent care, use and breeding from both a medical as well as a technological perspective.

For the past four years, his focus has been translational microbiome research and animal model development as well as evaluation of current technologies and supporting processes for the caring for animals in such studies.

From his work, he has developed extensive experience with gnotobiotic isolators: from planning and setting up facilities, improving existing processes, to operating facilities consistently and successfully.

During his career, he has worked with groups in France, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, United States, Singapore and Japan.

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